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Vinyl is a plug-in effect that will create a vinyl simulation to productions
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iZotope Vinyl 1.6 is a software plug-in effect that will create a vinyl simulation to productions as though your audio was a record playing on a record player. Vinyl 1.6 a unique application that uses 64 bit processing with advanced filter, modeling and resampling features. It has a Mechanical Noise function that blends into the users typical signal producing a rumble and motor noise.

The biggest benefit for users is probably that it is a free download, but that fact in no way devalues or underestimates this complex program. Using the Input Grain control, the user can get advantage of the Wear control to produce a record worn out from new to well used. Users can even select what decade or year their record player is supposed to be from and the frequencies from that time only are let through. If the user requires Dust for even more aging on their simulated record, they can use the parameter control for Dust, and in low volumes users can produce scratch tones.

The Input and Output parameters of Vinyl 1.6 create subtle effects of distortion if the input gain is increased and can be combined with all the other parameters for a completely new sound. An RPM feature controls how often scratches are heard on your 33 rpm or 45 rpm records. Any years selected earlier than 1950 will switch to Mono Stereo automatically for a realistic dated sound but users can switch between stereo and mono for years after that. Vinyl 1.6 is for Pro Tools 6.1, (RTAS/Audio Suite/HDM), VST, MAS, Audio Unit, and Direct X formats.

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  • The creation of vintage sounds


  • Warp feature disabled by default
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